I have sat in a few of the MOOC talks over the last few weeks.  The proliferation of technologies used by the MOOC facilitators and the numerous methods participants have for interacting with other participants.

I’m a simple kind of guy and it seems to me that we as technologists ought to make the process easier for the less technically involved people.  That could expand the reach of the whole MOOC concept to many more people.

Rather than limit participant’s choices of how to interact or to restrict the creativity of the participants, we (speaking as a Georgia Tech facilitator) ought to design the MOOC “button” or MOOC App for all participants. When you first register for the course you get a button.  Push the button and it allows you to set up all the interactivity you wish to engage in relative to the MOOC and the user can change that over time. It would be like setting preferences in an application.  It also sets up for you the mechanisms to watch the weekly presentations so that when you push your button it brings up the audio and video of the presentation for you with no other effort.  If you missed the scheduled time for the presentation it replays the video for you.

I could go on, but it would appear this would be a relatively simple project that would benefit the MOOC participants.

I like one stop shopping.